Landscape Architecture terms

Agronomy - The science and management of land, especially rural, agricultural land.

air rights - A type of easement granting permission to a constructor or developer to build over a street or structure.

American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) - A professional society that represents landscape architects in the United States and Canada and seeks to better the practice and understanding of landscape architecture through education, research, state registration and other programs.

base plan - In landscape architecture, an essential sheet showing site boundaries and significant site features, used as a basis for subsequent plan development.

building codes - Regulations specifying the type of construction methods and materials that are allowable on a project.

building (construction) permit - An authorization issued by a government agency allowing construction of a project according to approved plans and specifications.

built environment - The man-made creation of or alterations to a specific area, including its natural resources. This is in contrast to the "natural environment."

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - A U.S. government agency charged with administering vast areas of public land.

CADD - Acronym for "Computer Aided (i.e., Assisted) Design and Drafting, " a digital design process in which landscape architects use computers to help produce precise drawings and details for the construction of a project.

City Beautiful Movement - A popular social concern of the late nineteenth and early 20th centuries aimed at improving the appearance of urban areas through better planning and the addition of formal, romanticized public spaces and gardens.

contour - The form of the land. Contour lines are map lines connecting points of the same ground elevation and are used to depict and measure slope and drainage. Spot elevations are points of a specific elevation.

conservation - The protection, improvement and use of natural resources according to principles that will assure the highest economic or social benefits for people and the environment now and in the future.

conservation plan - A plan for conserving or protecting various natural or manufactured resources. Such a plan is used as a management tool in making decisions regarding soil, water, vegetation, manufactured objects and other resources at a particular site.

cost-benefit analysis - In landscape architecture, a study of the potential cost of site purchase, demolition and improvement in comparison to the income or other benefit to be derived from site development.

Council of Landscape Architecture Registration Boards (CLARB) - A coordinating agency formed in 1961 for state boards that administer licensing exams and maintain records for landscape architects to practice.

design - the creative illustration, planning and specification of space for the greatest possible amount of harmony, utility, value and beauty.

designed landscape - A site that might appear to be natural but has elements and features that were planned and specified by a landscape architect. Designed landscapes include Central Park in New York to the siting of buildings.

drainage - The running off of water from a land surface or subsurface, such as through sewers or natural means.

easement - The legal grant of right-of-use to an area of designated private property.

ecology - A branch of biology dealing with the relationship between living things and their environment.

environmental design professions - Landscape architecture, (civil) engineering, urban planning and architecture. Agronomy is also often included in this group.

environmental impact - The change to an area's natural resources, including animal and plant life, resulting from use by man. Some projects may require conducting of an "environmental...

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